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Pool Frog Mineral Reservoirs now make pool start up much easier with new start-up
water polishers. This new feature added to the Frog mineral technology gives the
pool an extra boost of shine that helps start the season with the perfect pool.
Pool Frog Bac Pacs come pre-filled with chlorine and easily insert into the
Mineral Reservoir dispensing low levels of chlorine for 1-3 weeks. With precise
feeding, you will use up to 50% less chlorine. The handles on the Bac Pac are
easy to remove and you will never have to touch messy chemicals again.
Capacity: up to 40,000 gals.

These replacement Nature 2 pool cartridges fit: Vision, EcoSpring, Clear Vision,
Canada, Claritec, AquaTech, White River, VisiPure, Nature2 Limited.
These pre-filled chlorine pacs that eliminate the hassles of heavy buckets
and accidental spills that can bleach clothing. These pacs last longer, too,
reducing pool maintenance time. For use with New Water series 400 inground
cyclers. Also fits Pool Frog series 5400 cyclers.
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