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AquaThority offers 3 value-packed pool opening programs. Our professionally trained technicians will take every measure to open your pool properly.

Conveniently schedule your pool opening by choosing a program below and completing the Online Order Form. Please call 888-400-AQUA (2782) with any questions.  
$259.00 if you prepay
  (Regular price $269.00)
  • Remove all winterizing plugs and install drain plugs
  • Assemble all accessories removed for winterization
    (e.g. filter, pumps, chemical feeders, etc.)
  • Install ladders, handrails and diving board (if applicable)
  • Start pool and add D.E. (if D.E. filter)
  • Inspect operation of pool and check for plumbing leaks
  • Fill chlorinators or brominators, or add salt to salt generator pools (if applicable)
  • Note: chemicals and D.E. are an additional charge

$354.00 if you prepay
  (Regular price $369.00)
  • All the services of our Bronze Program plus...
  • Remove cover, fold and store on premises as so directed
    Note: removal of water and/or excess debris from cover is an additional $90

$469.00 if you prepay
  (Regular price $489.00)
  • All the services of our Silver Program plus...
  • up to 1 hour vacuuming and skimming pool
    Note: water clarity may dictate that this service be performed at a later date [within 3 days]

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order form. Please call 888-400-AQUA (2782) with any questions.

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