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BRONZE PROGRAM   $259.00 if you prepay!/$269.00
SILVER PROGRAM   $354.00 if you prepay!/$369.00
GOLD PROGRAM   $469.00 if you prepay!/$489.00
Chemicals for Pool Closing
Solid cover chemical kit $70
Includes: 1 quart Stain and Scale preventer and 1 quart winter Algaecide (60%)
Mesh cover chemical kit $80
Includes: 1 quart Phosphate remover, 1 quart Stain and Scale preventer,
1 quart winter Algaecide (60%)
Algaecide (for a cleaner pool opening) $24.00/gallon
To ensure a cleaner pool opening in the Spring, we recommend that you add
1 gallon of Algaecide for every 15,000 gallons (of pool water) on April 1.
NOTE: especially ideal for pools with mesh covers.
Important Pool Closing Preparation Instructions
In preparation for your pool closing please take the following actions before our arrival:
  • Pool Water Level: For Silver and Bronze closings, please lower the water 2"-4" below tile for water bag and solid covers, for mesh and super mesh covers, please lower the water 12" below tile. For Gold closings, AquaThority will lower the water.
  • Pool Cover: Due to insurance limitations, we cannot go up or down stairs to retrieve covers.
  • Accessories: All accessories necessary to close your pool must be left poolside (e.g. winterizing plugs, antifreeze bottles, cover, etc.).
  • Power Supply: Please make sure that the power supply at your pool is on. If there is no power, we cannot blow out your lines to winterize your pool.
  • Water Supply: Please make sure outside water supply is on and a hose is available (so we can clean your filter element). If there is no water or hose, it will not be cleaned. A service call to clean the filter grids on a different visit will incur a $95 fee.
  • Balance Water: Help preserve your plaster and prevent scale by balancing your pH, alkalinity and calcium one week prior to pool closing; recommended ranges are: 8.0 to 8.2 for pH, 120 to 140 for alkalinity and 400 to 500 for calcium. Pool water cannot be balanced at closing-this must be done prior to our arrival.
  • Cover Anchors: Please make sure that cover anchors are easily accessed and not obscured by overgrown vegetation.
If your water is not lowered to the level that we recommend, we will not pump it down. Your pool will be closed and you will need to lower the water to safeguard the integrity of your tile and coping. If you would like us to lower your water, please schedule this service with your pool closing. The fee is $95 per hour.

If your pool is not ready for closing as instructed in "Important Pool Closing Preparation Instructions", then we will not be able to close your pool on that occasion and we will have to return at a later date; the additional charge for return is $95.
Total Cost of Pool Closing Program and Chemicals for Pool Closing:
additional pumps (e.g. waterfalls, slides, boosters, etc.) $25.00 each
heater only $25.00
spa with heater $50.00
Caretaker $40.00
covers with cable assemblies $45.00
water bag covers $35.00
each additional cover $100.00
Total Cost of Pool Closing Extras:
Total Cost of Pool Closing Program and Chemicals for Pool Closing
Total Cost of Pool Closing Extras
Sub Total:
6% PA Sales Tax:
Grand Total:
PLEASE NOTE: Unexpected additional pool closing costs may be incurred due to services and/or
parts needed to close your pool properly. If so, these items will be brought to your attention and
billed accordingly.
September is fully booked!
Please indicate the preferred week and month you would like us to close your pool.
NOTE: In the event of a scheduling conflict, we will schedule you for the closest date available.
Upon receipt of your order, we will confirm your pool closing details including closing date via email. Unfortunately, an arrival time cannot be provided.
Please indicate where your winter plugs and pool cover (if applicable) are stowed. (NOTE: we cannot go up or down stairs to retrieve covers):
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